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How are these photos for ‘inspiration’?

          The photos are obviously meant to sell sex. Well, sex really sells. Many perfumes are always marketed with sex. Even though it’s not sex like “sex” right straight to your face, it may be implied. Maybe it’s sensuality for some, but more often than not, it’s really sex.
          These Tom Ford perfume ads, however, are the bomb. I have yet to see the wildest product advertisement there is. For someone who likes perfume so much, I would actually want to smell this perfume. Slap me. I wonder if this perfume smells like a woman’s flower, but since this perfume is for men, I wonder if it smells like a woman’s+man’s mixed sweat after the deed. Slap me again, one can’t help but try to connect the actual product and the campaigns that try to sell it.

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Why is it that perfume is used every day within all countries, cultures and religions all over the world? Why is perfume best and what are the reasons why perfume has been around since the second millennium BC?

Sense of smell: Smell is the sensory input that works fastest to create emotional responses. The sense of smell has been proven to be associated with triggering memories. If you wear your seductive perfume when you’re with him/her, and when he/she smells that scent again, he will think of you. Once you find a scent that both of you love, there are little playful things you can do to remind him/ her that you are never far from him/ her.

Perfume makes you feel sexy: We all know, or at least I hope, that a spray of perfume won’t make you look like one of the models in an advertising campaign. Your favorite perfume does make you feel more confident, happier and sexier. I wonder how many women have have forgotten to put perfume on before a night out, or even a date and felt less self assured? When we feel confident it is conveyed to others, and confidence oozes sex appeal for men and women alike. Wearing perfume is to care more about yourself and the image you project, is to self indulge the senses and up scaling the self-esteem therefore, it is also a make-believe that anyone can attract this or that person they desire and therefore, get more sex. And knowing that, many marketing strategies to sell perfumes rely on it.

Sex Sells Perfume and Perfume Sells Sex: Sexuality is one of the strongest tools within marketing, in particular advertising.We are more often than not drawn to bare flesh, couples in locked embraces, and sultry poses looking right at us from the poster at the bus stop. Most fragrances are advertised through the medium of sex. Generally speaking, sex is a common interest amongst us all. When perfume and sex merge it holds our interest for a longer time and one feels the desire for owning it.

Visionary, Powerful Images Allow us to See Idols and Icons in a Sexy way: Everywhere we look, we find ourselves inevitably drawn to images of scantily clad attractive men and women that are supposed to somehow inspire us to purchase products they endorse. Sure, this attention-getting strategy is popular. Sex appeal can increase the effectiveness of an ad or commercial because it attracts the customer’s attention. It’s human nature to be curious about sex. Perfume makes everyone feels sexy so that they need to concentrate more about models. In ads, men are strong and women are more sexy. The advertisement builds a gender rule that men should have muscles and be strong and women should look slim and have big breasts. When men are presenting themselves, they should look powerful and seem to be a high position. On the contrary, women should act to be weak and always protect themselves.

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The first thing we can see on the left ad is the picture quite disturbing: It represents men and women’s nudes bodies, all together, mixed up and down in different ways. We can not see their sex because they hide their parts of body just to preserve their intimacy.There is a white dazzling light under them in order to focus on the bodies. The name of the perfume for men is “Masculine,” which is darker bottle; the name of the perfume for women is “Feminine,” which is lighter bottle, as to note that the perfume for men is stronger. It is a mean to get a message away: “It smells strong, it represents virility”. Perfume bottles are up and down to insist on the similarity between humans and the product.

The second picture on the right, we can see there is sex sell in this picture and it shows all kinds of sex as heterosexual ( woman and man faced together), homosexual (two women in the left corner). In addition, it shows that sex is not limit religions, or cultures, or where are you from (African and White person)

D&G uses this picture to impress people. In one hand, marketers are aware that using sex is good for saling. One important technique in perfume advertising is to highlight the product through one of major theme of the life because people are concerned by the subject so finally, they are more attracted by the product.In the other hand, sex sells it is true but there are some limits to respect. Dolce&Gabanna’s suggests more independence of both genders and free interplay of sexuality, ranging from heterosexuality to homosexuality, from monogamy to group sex.

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