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Juicy Couture makes cloths, shoes, bags, sunglasses, and FRAGRANCE.  Their ads are colorful and extremely eye-catching.  They usually involve young people is exceptionally bright clothes.  At times the fragrance bottles are huge and the wigs on some of the models seems to be about 3 feet high.  These ads show men and women in a variety of positions and settings.  Even though Juicy does not make fragrance for men, men are still used in these ads.  A couple of them caught my eye and I was unsure about what to think about this particular campaign.  Thoughts on gender and gender roles in these particular ads…… particularly the one with a women wearing nothing except a large bow on her head?


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There is no doubt denying that Beyonce is one of the hottest women in Hollywood.  So it seems to make scene that she would name her fragrance Heat. The printed ad shows Beyonce is a little red dress and the commercial shows her walking down a hallway in the same red dress.  They marketing behind this is ad is using not only an image to sell a scent, which is the norm in fragrance merchandising, but a temperature that is associated with sexual desire.  Heat.  Is this ad gender subjective?  Or is it just Beyonce using her extremely hot body to sell her fragrance and in doing so make a fortune.

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Light Blue

The famous Italian fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana, is known for its high fashion and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas singing about it in My Humps along with other high-end brands.  They have multiple fragrances that are sold all over the world.  They published these ads for their light blue scent in hopes the pictures of these two extremely good looking people will entice consumers to buy this fragrance.  The idea is that if you buy this certain fragrance you to can be lounging half naked on what appears to be a raft.  The water in the photo is ‘light blue’ and they are surrounded by what I am sure is beautiful ocean-side views.

This advertisement campaign, to me, seems totally and completely gender neutral.  There is one for men and one for women.  They are literally in the exact same position with the same backdrop.  The women is wearing a white shirt which in fact covers more of her skin then the man who is wearing a tight white Speedo.  They both look “sexy” and they both make you want to buy this fragrance because then you too will be a young, tan super hot male or female lounging in the sun and smelling amazing at the same time.  Is this ad an example of good feminist advertisement?  Or is this just another sleazy ad that doesn’t take gender roles or how they are perceived into account?  You be the judge.

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