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Deodorant ads also show a strict divide in what is meant for men or women. Do men and women really need different deodorants?

Dove makes products for both men and women. They seem to have extended their Campaign for Real Beauty towards men as well. Their website states “Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety”

How similar are these ads to the perfume/cologne ads on this blog? How does using the beauty as confidence mantra differ for men to women?


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Does sex always sell?

While most perfume and cologne ads discussed in this blog are overtly sexual, I have come across some that are not. Although they may exclude any sort of sexuality, I can’t put my finger on what exactly they are trying to achieve.

Sure, they are all good-looking people, but I don’t think sex is the first thing that comes to mind with these ads. Does excluding direct sexuality still make for a successful ad campaign? What are these ads trying to invoke in the viewer that overly-sexy ads do not?

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What I’ve come to realize about perfume and cologne ads is that they are meant to appeal to both sexes. A woman’s perfume ad is meant to turn on a man and shows a woman that this is the kind of woman your man wants, and vice versa (for example the Old Spice commercials, “The Man your Man Could Smell Like”). These ads are meant to show how to appeal to the opposite sex. If that’s the case, do all perfume ads assume a heterosexual audience? Or, are these ads successful with everyone no matter their sexual orientation?

Many are obviously portraying/appealing to heterosexuals such as Gucci’s perfume¬†Guilty or Jennifer Lopez’s cologne¬†Deseo.

Not all perfumes and colognes feature a heterosexual couple, though. What about Yves Saint Laurent’s Parisienne?

While this is obviously very sexual, does it still assume a heteronormative audience or is it unclear who the commercial is actually “meant” for? It’s unclear what Kate Moss could be fantasizing about or who she is even with. Does this sensual solo act appeal across the board of sexual orientations?

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